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November channelling

Posted on 2 November, 2014 at 9:15

 Channelling from the Consciousness Beings of the Earth

by Genevieve Poirier for the month of November 2014

 "Greetings and thank you for reading this message today. We encourage you to keep following your inner guidance. We urge you to look into your hearts in regards to how you treat each other and view your environment.

 Are you happy? Are you guided or prompted to change or do something about how things are in your life at this time? Do you feel at a loss as to where to start? If you are, you are not alone.

 There's a shift in consciousness on your planet at this time. A shift that makes you very uncomfortable. You do not understand clearly what's going on due to duality. The duality which is, living a life on earth, and the Higher Self, which knows of the great plan, but cannot always tell the human. This hurts the human greatly for they don't understand what's going on. They are not privileged to see the bigger picture.

 Ponder everything that's going on worldwide and how these seemingly negative events and occurrences and changes could possibly result in a more positive ending for all. The easiest way to get a satisfactory result or answer is to follow your heart. But for the many of you who live your life with the mind, know that all renovations, which are seemingly chaos, result in a beautiful finish.

Know that nothing is done without meaning to the plan, and the tapestry of life. And everything that happens greatly elevates your frequency.

 By raising your frequency, you evolve into a more joyful being of light. Cohabitating on this beautiful planet with more purpose, understanding and grace, without obstructions to the flow of events. The less you obstruct, the faster the plan can evolve giving you the results you all want in your hearts.

 We bless you for your time in reading this message. We encourage you to keep following your inner guidance. When in doubt, consult your guardian angels, consult the universe, consult God. Whomever you choose to confide in. Ask for help! There is a panoply of help in the universe awaiting your request for help. For without your request, we are saddened to sit and wait and watch, when all we desperately want to do is help you and guide you, help you on your way, on your path, on your journey.


Sending love and wisdom to your heart. With gratitude to all,

the Consciousness Beings of the Earth"

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