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Channelling for October 2014

Posted on 1 October, 2014 at 9:20

I have started channelling messages from above. For the month of October I have tapped into the Congregation of the "One" or Group Consciousness. You can also find me on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bodhi-Tree-Meditation/247992978742723. Here's what the Group had to say:

Channelling from the Congregation of the “One” or Group Consciousness

for the month of October 2014

Greeting, and welcome to all the perfect souls reading our message sent to you with pure intention.

Simplify your lives. Benefit from help. Unclutter your world from blockages in your aura and deal with your issues.

You will find happiness when you decide to change your outlook on how you perceive situations and your environment.

Blessed are those that have eyes to “see” and ears to “hear”. Blessed are those who are pure at heart with pure and generous intentions. Blessed are those who do not negotiate with others for their gains. Blessed are those who shine so brightly they light the path for others.

Occupy your thoughts with positive words, beautiful ideals, and creative outcomes. Beautify your heart with love for others and yourself. Sanctify your body, for it is the only container you have. Glitterize your spirit with joy, laughter and friendship.

You are but a diamond in the rough constantly chipping away at the hard, crusted outside of the shell you think you are. You will succeed in liberating the brilliance of your inner self to the world. Your inner diamond that cannot be tarnished or broken.

You are a divine piece of the Universal Love. You are nothing less than perfection itself despite your thoughts on the matter. If you could only see the beauty you possess like we can, you would be astonished at how perfect a soul you are. Words would escape you to describe such love and harmony that exists in every one of you.

We shed tears of the purest love and honor at your feet so we can wash them with it and provide support and reinforcement for your important missions, here on earth.

You are exalted! We bless thee with inexplicable bounties of the highest honor and order.

Do not give up your missions of co-creativeness, peace, perfect harmony, here on Gaia. You are not alone in this fight. Your battle does not have to feel like a battle if you would simply open up to the help the Universe so desperately wants to bless you with.

Protect each other with loving-kindness. Send love and gratitude to everything and everyone. Shine like you never thought you could shine.

We are always watching over you with a maternal nurturing you all need at this time.

Until next time,

Blessings <3

Congregation of the “One” (or The Group Consciousness)

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